Water Lantern Festival 2021

Voted #1 Festival in USA Today, the Water Lantern Festival returned to Fort Worth, TX on Saturday, April 10, 2021.

This family-friendly event allowed people from all different backgrounds to gather and celebrate together near the river at Panther Island Pavilion. Visitors were able to create their own personalized rice lanterns to symbolize moments that have occurred in their lives in the past as well as manifest what they would like to happen in the future. Once the sun set, the lanterns were released one by one to float in the Trinity River and to gather amongst the rest.

The night didn’t end with that, there was one special couple that visited the event from Sherman, Tx. Bryce had a special message displayed on his lantern for his then-girlfriend Kami, “Will you marry me?” After she replied with a yes, they released their lantern together into the river! Congratulations to both Bryce & Kami!